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Lotteries Council is a lottery fundraising organisation organising draws, raffles, sweepstakes, scratch cards, collections as well as offering legal and practical advice regarding lottery. External Lottery Managers

Simon's Guide to Gambling & Online Gambling UK Post-brexit gambling and online gambling in the UK: The people in the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU in June 2016 .Even though the UK has a National Lottery and its possible to play online, the authorities issue licenses to independent online and offline lottery operators as well. Gambling licences Gambling, lotteries and gaming machines. The Gambling Act 2005 covers three categories of licenceGambling Commission licence and regulate operating and personal licences. We process the premises licence applications. How to apply. Gambling - Wiltshire Council | Small Society Lotteries Local Authorities are responsible for licensing premises used for all forms of gambling, with the exception of the National Lottery. Lotteries and amusements and gaming machines now come under this Act.Comments can be sent by email to Gambling and lottery licences

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Minister Stanton announces Government approval for establishment of gambling regulatory authority Club Mirror | Legal Eagle - UK Lotteries in clubs Lotteries, such as prize draws, are often organised with the best of intentions, but are they always legal? Our Legal Eagle David Lucas explains.

Lotteries are regulated by the Gambling Act 2005 and fall into two overall definitions: a) persons are required to pay in order to take part and;(b) one or more prizes are allocated to one or more participants by a process that relies wholly on chance.

This allows such societies to hold lotteries over a period of time, where tickets can be sold in advance of the draw in order to raise funds. Lotteries are defined as "any payment of a fee for a ticket where the winning ticket(s) are allocated by way of chance". Further information is available from the Gambling Commission’s website. Cost UKGC - The UK Gambling Authority -

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Gambling and lottery licences. The Council is required by the Gambling Act 2005 to publish a Statement of the principles that it proposes to apply when exercising its functions under the Act. This statement must be published every three years. Lotteries National lotteries are administered by public authorities or licensed to private operators through bidding processes.National oversight bodies for gambling⎯e.g. the UK Gambling Commission or the Nigerian National Lottery Regulatory Commission⎯regulate private lotteries either for-profit or... Gaming/Gambling Authorities in the UK - Top Mobile…